Brekke Pattison

A Girl Scout in Utah, Brekke wants to help teach people about how vaccines work to help make a safer environment for children around the United States. Brekke was a junior in high school when she started theis project and is now a student at the University of Utah. She aspires to be a medical student and become a pediatrician.


Brekke Pattison

Special Thanks To:

Lisa K. Peterson, PhD; Medical Director of Immunology, ARUP Labratories

Elizabeth G. Pattison, BS, C(ASCP); Intermountain Health Care

Kim Parkinson; Health Teacher at Murray High School

Palmer S. Pattison; Palmer Sound

MiniMaxx; High School Student




20.10.2018 22:06

Ashley MD

Well done! Thanks for taking on this important topic.

10.08.2018 16:00

Kasey Junction

Autism is listed as a side effect for the vaccine Daptacel.

19.08.2018 20:58

Tinkerbell DeNeverland

Thank you for your concern! I have posted information on this concern in the FAQ.

10.08.2018 04:02

R. J.

Fantastic! Thanks for creating this great information page!